Posted by: Brookhaven | June 25, 2008

Enslaved by debt

Sleepless nights, financial anxiety, feelings of helplessness. All symptoms of being enslaved by debt. Living paycheck to paycheck and worrying how to cover the “unexpected” expenses that always appear at the worst times; a clear sign of being enslaved by debt.

There are a multitude of symptoms associated with being enslaved by debt and I am afflicted with all of them. But for me Fear is the worst affliction. I realized that the feeling of helplessness over my dire financial situation was really just masking my fear of taking responsibility for the mess I created. Fearful of making the needed changes to fix the situation. Fearful of the long term effects of each financial decision. Fearful of making the necessary sacrifices to live within my means. Never realizing that in reality living beyond my means was actually causing me to have to make all kinds of sacrifices, like sacrificing my time with family because I have to work extra hours to payoff that “necessity” purchase.


For me, being enslaved by debt ultimately means not having freedom of choice. I no longer have choices when it comes to my finances. I must make drastic changes to dig myself out of this hole and to be financially free.



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